Shin Splits

SHIN SPLINTS: ANATOMY AND FUNCTION The term shin splints is a catchall phrase that refers to nearly all pain in the lower leg except calf and Achilles tendon injuries. There are two types: anterior shin splints and medial shin splints. Anterior shin splints appear as pain in the fleshy muscle in the front of the lower leg. Although this injury is common when runners first begin running after a layoff, it is rarely serious or persistent. Medial shin splints (technically termed a periostitis), which appear on the inside border of the lower leg bone (tibia), are much worse. They occur from overpronation when you run too far too soon, straining tendons that attach to the tibia and pulling the periosteum, the paper-thin tissue covering of all bones, away from the shin bone. SHIN SPLINTS When you move your body forward over a weight- bearing foot, the toes are extended and lifted upward, winding the plantar fascia taut like a skin […]


Move well; be well. Let’s look at some different attributes of movement. Joints, muscles, skin, lymph all require movement to function properly. Let’s start with an overview of what movement seems to mean to our governing system, the parts of our bodies that are alway on, and monitor the messages about every process in our bodies…..our nervous system. and then consider a pretty direct route to cuing up those happy messages to it via dynamic joint mobility. Movement = well being. Our bodies are designed to run, walk and to move at speed. Our bodies are apparently designed to support running more so than even walking. Move It or Lose It. Our physiology works on a move it or lose it principle. Don’t move our muscles, function degrades; don’t use our bones, bones degrade, don’t move the joints, joints degrade. Movement means strength, fitness, digestion, respiration, skin tone, joint health, heart health, everything health. Everything about our being responds best […]