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"I was referred to Ben as someone who could potentially help me recover from frozen shoulder. The treatments were intense and effective. Before and after every session we recorded my range of motion and it was miraculous to see 1/2” to 2” of increased range at each one hour appointment. Ben was always knowledgeable and professional. He offered “homework” type exercises I could do on my own to expedite the healing process. I would recommend Ben to anyone considering alternative therapy for soft tissue injuries."

Adella C. / VP Longboard Fitness

"My name is Blaine Eastcott, and I am the President of a fitness facility called Rockreation, Inc. I am 42 years old and very active. Recently, I injured myself and was not able to participate in physical activity the way I normally do. These injuries were even affecting my daily life due to the pain that I was in. A few athletes that I know referred me to Ben. In just three sessions with Ben, I began to feel better. His knowledge of the body is very thorough. He identified were my pain was coming from and was immediately able to help me get some relief. As someone who works in the fitness industry and has had a lot of body work from many different people doing many different styles, I highly recommend Ben for all of your body work needs."

Blaine E. / President Rockreation

"I contacted Ben on a recommendation from a client of mine to help address massive hip pain I had been experiencing for almost three years. With no real rhyme or reason to my pain, other than it happened when I was 14 weeks pregnant. Over the course of the three years I had seen countless doctors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons and had ultrasounds, therapy, x-rays, MRI’s and cortisone shots. Nothing helped the pain from coming back about every other week. I resolved myself that it was just something I was going to have to live with. But then just couldn’t take it anymore. My consultation and scheduling with Ben was super easy through a phone call and texting. I was at my whit’s end when he came to my home for our session. All Covid procedures were in place, which we discussed ahead of time, we were both masked, doors and windows open and he was gloved as well. He used a cleaner on his table and sanitizer. This definitely put me at ease for such a hands-on session. He was incredibly thorough, asked questions about my job, homelife, etc to understand my posturing and pain. We went through various exercise/flexibility tests and I felt very supported, listened to and safe. He explained as he went which was great to me as I like to know about my body and what issues, big or small, are present. After this was done Ben performed deep tissue/muscle assessment. This was more a deep tissue and muscle release than a massage. He was incredibly thorough on his prognosis and plan for me. His suggestions were not only easy to understand but easy to implement. Nothing overly technical or time consuming either. His main goal is not to see you every week but for you to heal and then recommend someone else. This is a great business model because here I am, over a month since our one session, having done his recommended exercises and posturing, with ZERO pain. I am astounded by this and can’t recommend Ben enough. I have told all of my clients about him and have plans of doing one follow up in another month or two just to check in and make sure all is still pain free. Please don’t delay, he is worth more than he charges and is just about the best person I have seen for my injury. He is truly a hidden gem in this field!"

Danielle M. / Venice

"How lucky I am to have found Ben. After I had my first child I was unable to move without back pain. Pregnancy and nursing took a toll on my body. Ben worked with me to relieve the pain and establish new ways of moving to alleviate the pain and build strength. I felt so good a year later I began training for a fitness competition and won second place in Miss Bikini America. Now my husband calls Ben for his active lifestyle as well. Thank you!"

Erin H. / Model

"Ben is a healer.  He is extremely knowledgable about the body and truly cares about helping his patients. I deal with different physical ailments and have found his treatments extremely beneficial. The fact that he can come to my house is so helpful with my busy schedule. I have recommended Ben to many family and friends."

Loren L. / Clinical Psychologist

"Amazing. That is what Ben is...Amazing. He knows the body and the muscles like no one else I have ever known and applies that knowledge to help you move better. It is never just a standard massage. Instead after an assessment of where you are, he tailors each treatment to help you at that given time. He works on areas that seem unrelated and then you walk away pain free!"

Ross L. / Casting Director

"I call on Ben for emergencies and just general maintenance. If I pull something, throw out my back, or whatever -- Ben smartly knows how to address the problem and get me moving, mobile, and on the road to recovery -- typically within a single session. Even for the general aches and pains that accumulate over time from too much computer time or driving, Ben’s excellent work has me feeling better immediately. He’s easy-going, convenient, professional, and so great at what he does. Highly recommended."

Nelson C. / Actor

"Ben has a wonderful mixture of knowledge, skills and compassion. He cares deeply about his clients and is super effective at helping them. When I was in a stressed out time in my life I developed TMJ and Ben was the only person who helped. I highly recommend him, especially for deep tissue and sports related injuries."

Nora D. / Interior Designer

"I started working with Ben after a stress fracture in my hip that didn’t seem to be getting better. I was always in pain and in complete desperation as I had been unable to run for 6 months. After my first session with Ben I felt a TON of release in the area that was holding me back. He took the necessary time to evaluate my situation and worked extensively on the areas that were contributing to my pain. Ben never rushed through a session and would spend as much time with me as I needed that day. I honestly felt like a new person after every session. Ben suggested many self care techniques that kept me feeling good."

Hayley L. / Triathlete

"I had chronic pain in my right shoulder that started to dramatically effect my overall well-being. I had a hard time sleeping, had constant headaches, limited range of motion in my neck, and was in chronic pain. After ONE session with Ben, my pain was nearly completely gone and it hasn't come back. I am tremendously grateful to him and I feel so lucky to have had him introduced into my life.”

Buffy C. / Casting Associate

"Ben has been a life changer and a life saver for myself, my husband and our daughter over the past 4 years. His body work has saved me from ongoing neck pain and has allowed me to continue my everyday workout routines. He completely helped transform my husband’s lower back pain and guided him through not only physical pain but mental turmoil as well. Ben also consistently helps our oldest daughter who is a competitive swimmer maintain body movement and flow to keep her from injury. I like to call Ben the “body whisperer”! I have referred him to many friends and will continue to do so. He not only cares about your physical being, but is vested in your best personal self!"

Melanie N. / Non-Profit Founder

"Ben is AMAZING!  I’ve beaten my body up and there isn’t anyone I'd rather have working on me than Ben.  I’ve had numerous injuries the last couple of years and Ben’s been able to get me back to the things I enjoy.  His ability to understand your body, muscle structure and mechanics is second to none.  He gives tremendous thought and care into his clients well-being and wants them to enjoy the activities they love.  I highly recommend working with Ben."

Joshua G. / Managing Director

"Ben has changed my life! He has helped my body recover from rigorous workouts that take its toll on my body. I am a runner, I run about 10 miles a day... every day. I have had numerous injuries and a tremendous amount of swelling through-out my years because of the consistent training. I definitely do not rest enough, I have Ben to help me recover faster so I can continue my training. Training is something that is a really important part of my work and health. Ben helps me with my body and also my spirit. He helps me think about my body and how to take care of it. Helps nurture the soul and educate me, so on the days I do not have Ben I can think about how to help self recovery. He is a magician in so many ways. I cannot remember what it was like to train without Ben in my life. He is the best in the world at what he does. If I skip a session it’s two steps backward. So it’s not something I can miss. I do everything I can to make sure I never miss a treatment."

Andrew P. / Producer

"I’ve been working with Ben Guevara for several years. As an avid tennis player, his weekly bodywork has kept my aches and pains to a minimum and has helped me regain a good part of my range of motion from younger days. Recently a shoulder injury had severely limited my overhead motion. Ben assessed my injury and gave me several exercises to help remedy the problem. As a precaution, I met with an orthopedist and had the usual x-rays and MRI’s. Ultimately I was given a prescription for physical therapy and as part of my rehab was given some of the same exercises that Ben had given me after his initial assessment! In addition to his targeted bodywork, Ben’s dedication is unparalleled. I routinely receive follow up texts and additional exercises days after a session. It is because of this care and commitment that I can, and often do, recommend Ben’s services without reservation."

Michael C. / Architect

"I teach 5th graders in Inglewood. I am on my feet all day and have spent days in agony with hip flexors and glutes that have contracted so much it’s hard to walk. I cannot do a good job for my students without being able to circulate the room constantly.  Ben’s knowledge of each muscle, its origin and connections amazed me. And after my first treatment I knew I had found someone who could finally bring me some relief from the pain. Ben is in the business of healing. For the past three years he has treated my chronic leg and hip injuries. After each treatment I am pain free, my muscles are doing the jobs they are supposed to be doing, they are lengthened and the blood is flowing through them freely.  Being physically fit would seem insurmountable without Ben’s regular treatments.  He is always punctual and professional, and goes way beyond what is required. He sends me pictures or videos or articles on topics pertaining to my specific healing regimen.  He checks my walking gait and helps me make adjustments.  He has taken the time on many occasions to respond to texts or calls when I’ve had a question. I could go on and on about what a benefit Ben has been to my life and how grateful I am to have found him."

Kris B. / Teacher / Educator

"Ben Guevara has treated our family for over four years for injuries related to sports, genetic issues, accidents and regular wear and tear. We first learned of Ben’s amazing work when I was lamenting to a friend about having taken my then 11 year old daughter who was experiencing foot pain to an internist, an orthopedic doctor, an orthopedic surgeon and a pain management specialist. She was prescribed salves, ointments, gels, creams, a special laser treatment (boy did I get taken on that one), braces and she was using a wheelchair at times. After my daughter’s first appointment with Ben, she felt immediate relief. Several months later she was taking dance and horseback riding lessons regularly. Periodically, she had sports related injuries that Ben managed with dexterity and aplomb. What I appreciate so much about Ben aside from his ability to heal is his explanation (in terms that I can understand) of what is going on with your body, and how certain injuries are related to parts of your system that never occurred to me. Ben is kind, patient, efficient, on time and always the consummate professional. Ben listens to his patient as they explain their issues to him and he has this gift of listening to his patient’s bodies. Some people are born for the craft they practice. Ben is one of those. I recommend Ben Guevara to anyone that is experiencing discomfort or pain in any joint, muscle, digit, tissue, etc. "

Carla C. / Army Veteran, MSW

" I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with over twenty years in the fitness industry. I specialize in overall health for my clients, who range from athletes and hollywood execs to celebrities, and personal trainers to soccer moms, etc. The fitness industry is constantly changing. For the past three years I have been dealing with a shoulder issue. I created a sort of impingement that I could not seem to heal. Being the trainer I am and having the extensive knowledge on the area, I tried everything from stretching, rolling, acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic, you name it, I was trying it. I had x rays, MRI’s - everything told me virtually nothing except that I had some inflammation. Each of the things I did helped, however they were temporary. My pain would subside but it would never disappear. A good friend of mine referred Ben and claimed he was amazing at bodywork and knowledge of what was going on, why it was happening, and what to do about it. I began seeing Ben and almost immediately I felt relief. He would manipulate the muscles, as if he were moving them around, loosening them up, getting them to be less angry. Sometimes, I would hurt after, but then the area would feel as if it had been stretched back to where it belonged. Wow, it was a great feeling the first time it happened. My body hadn’t felt that relief in some time. I knew it wasn’t a one time session and that naturally the body would eventually go back to where it was used to being despite it was not in the right place.  I saw Ben on and off over the course of a year. My body wanted it, the relief of pressure, of inflammation, of anger. My shoulder is much better now because of Ben, and I find myself bragging about him and sending my clients and friends to him whenever they need someone they can trust and will really listen and help put their body back on the track it was meant to be on. "

Mike C. / President Strongboard Fitness

"Ben is hands-down the best sports massage/PT therapist I have ever worked with (and I have worked with quite a few over the course of my 20 year running career). I run 6-days a week and average around 50 miles and I have a demanding desk job. Ben is able to keep me in one piece so that I can hit my competitive running goals. I see him weekly and he’s able to work out all of my knots and, most importantly, prevent new ones from forming.  He has been able to keep my hip flexor flare ups to a minimum and my range of motion has significantly improved since I started working with him. He has an easy way about him that instills confidence and trust. I once called him late in the evening in a panic about a muscle spasm in my lower back and he was able to talk my husband through a series of stretches to relieve the pain. I also rely on him to counsel me through scheduled rest periods during my training cycle where I worry that I will lose fitness. He is always able to calm me down and help me keep things in perspective so that I can achieve my long term goals. I could go on and on about how great Ben is, but if you’re reading this you should try him out for yourself! You won’t be disappointed, I promise."

Renee D. / 5K - 10K Runner

"Having used many bodywork professionals over the years, I can say with confidence that Ben is one of the good ones. He has the requisite knowledge and skills to address your “physical” issues, but his appreciation and awareness of the other things that manifest as physical problems.....stress, emotions, mental patterns, past unresolved traumas.....is what distinguishes him from most people in the field. Working with him helped raise my awareness of my own dysfunctional patterns and habits. Ben values his own holistic health and lives accordingly, and his approach to therapy reflects this. I believe “practicing what you preach” is an essential trait to look for in anyone we employ to supportour own health. For anyone who wants to maintain their health and fitness throughout life, as I do, Ben is a good person to know."

Peter J. / Professional Body Builder

"I was very happy with the superior job Ben did on my shoulder. Having had surgery a few months ago, his expertise and great knowledge of the bodies movements helped me heal fast. I’m grateful."

Elaine R. / Tennis Player, Frequent Traveler

"Ben has been helpful for body and soul since I met him 5 years ago. He is thoughtful, caring, and has really helped my body with an increase in flexibility and a decrease in tension. He explains body mechanics so that the work has context and makes more sense. He takes extra time to demonstrate stretches and other exercises that can be beneficial post treatment. All in all, it’s evident that he really cares about his patients and loves what he does. Thanks, Ben, for all your help!!"

Anne K. / Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"I’ve been seeing Ben since 2013. I am very active, and my main activity is CrossFit. I also ride bicycles and surf. Unfortunately I spend most of my time behind a desk and travel a lot for business. So staying mobile and is both very important and very difficult. And I manage to injure myself by straining my back once or twice a year. Whenever that happens Ben, is able to immediately provide some relief. In addition to therapeutic massage, at the end of our session Ben suggests stretches and movements to support the rest of my recovery. He also always follows up a day or two later to see how I’m doing, whether I was injured or if it was more routine maintenance." Luke, S. / Digital Executive


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